Refrigeration Pipe Parts

Cluster Pipe

A cluster of eight rectangular impeders in a return flow configuration is used for welding 12.75inch o.d. steel tubing. Impeders are 2”x1”x41” and contain a total of 80 ibs ferrite.

Immerzing Pipe

After passing through the condenser the refrigerant gets condensed but still remains at high pressure. It comes out in a partially liquid and gaseous state and then enters the throttling or expansion valve.

Assy Suction

Suction is the flow of a fluid into a partial vacuum, or region of low pressure.[1] The pressure gradient between this region and the ambient pressure will propel matter.

Hot Pipe

A slang term used to describe a sexual act performed by a male on himself, involving the application of hot sauce to one’s erect genitals, then proceeding to finance a surgery.